Wedding and Floral Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

With a new year comes new wedding trends. Most couples want an original wedding, leading to hours of Pinterest-scrolling, magazine reading, and of course, consultations with florists. For couples, it isn't about trend-chasing, but creating a memorable and one-of-a-kind day for themselves and their loved ones.

Continue reading to find out what the Otown Flowers team predicts will be the biggest floral and wedding design trends of 2020.

Bright and Vivid Colors

Wedding colors are going to be brighter and more vivid in 2020. Popular colors will be shades of hot pink, yellow, and orange. Expect to see traditional flowers with tropical colors that stir excitement and burn bright in memories.

For example, a couple may choose bright yellow roses instead of red, or select pink lilies rather than white. Elderly in-laws may fret that these colors are "too much," but most guests will be delightfully enchanted by the variety of colors.

These colors will also be seen in lighting displays, furniture, wardrobes, candles, and other decorations.


Deconstructed Arrangements

At first glance, this year's styles may appear unorganized on the surface, but they are anything but. These looks come across as less restrained than typical compact arrangements, but require a keen eye to execute. Examples of deconstructed arrangements include:

  • Lines of roses (in varying sizes) hung upside down on wires
  • Rows of bud vases holding single flowers
  • Nontraditional or unmatched containers for blooms, greens, or other items

It is anything but the traditional wedding flowers this year! Additional decorations may include eccentric collections of themed items or candles of seemingly random sizes and shapes.

This trend is even spilling over into dessert, with couples opting to share donuts, cupcakes, and other loose treats instead of an elaborate cake.

The Otown Flowers team used a deconstructed style to showcase our talent at the Florida Wedding Expo in Orlando. Our design team used succulents, hanging amaranthus, silver dollar eucalyptus, and other living greens to create this garden dinner setup.


Exploring Less Rigid Venues

rustic-wedding-with-greensEngaged couples are moving away from hotels, yacht clubs, and country clubs to seek more personal venues with charm and character. More are choosing unique event venues to match their eclectic tastes and interests. Couples want their weddings to take place in a distinct and photogenic environment that provides their guests with a memorable experience.

Be prepared to attend wedding receptions at rustic farms, quirky science centers, greenhouses, an intimate restaurant close to the couples' heart, or even a private home.

These novel venues often pair well with the deconstructed styles previously mentioned, allowing both the design and the guests to flow and breathe.

What trends are you looking forward to in the upcoming year? Let us know in the comments below.

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