6 Natural Accents for Unique Autumn Arrangements and Decor

Autumn has arrived! Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other events mean parties and gatherings are on the calendar, and for many people, that means it's time to decorate.

But many hosts dread decorating for autumn. It can quickly feel like the same collection of pumpkins, dried corn husks, and sunflowers year-after-year with little room for creativity, color, or modern style. However, we know there's more to autumn than hay and daisies. Below are our six picks for unique, natural accents for stunning autumn arrangements. Be sure to read all the way to the end to see the Otown Flowers top choice!

Blue Star Amsonia

blue star amsonia

The small size of blue star amsonia make them the perfect accent for an autumn arrangement. Periwinkle blue flowers contrast beautifully with traditional autumn colors.

Blue star amsonia is known as a hardy and robust flower, which is why it is frequently found in gardens well into autumn.

Sprinkle them where small starbursts of color are needed to make your arrangements the star of the show.




Why not add some sweetness to your decor?

This bright fruit provides clusters of fresh color and a smooth sheen not found on the average lumpy gourd.

While many believe beautyberry is poisonous, it is in fact quite edible! It is a common tradition to use beautyberry to make delicious jams in autumn to be stored for the winter. A beautyberry jam canning party makes for a delightful bonding experience with family and friends.




Also known as bluebeards, caryopteris are an attractive blue flower. Their unique shape adds length or height to fill out lackluster or dull arrangements.

As a bonus, caryopteris is known for having a fragrance similar to lavender. They provide interior spaces with some final summer scents as the seasons change. Their fresh aroma is especially welcoming in autumn when people begin spending more time indoors.




This daisy-like flower is popular in outdoor gardens for its charming petals and hardiness across seasons. Aster's color is what truly differentiates it from other autumn staples like daisies and sunflowers. Try shades of blue and violet to accent common fall hues.

Have an aunt or grandmother named Aster? Then you'll definitely want to add this perky flower to your autumn decor!



Autumn decor often focuses on displaying a bounty of delicious food. Add some spice to these arrangements with a variety of peppers. Like pumpkins, squash, and other gourds, peppers come in all shapes, sizes, and shades.

Red, orange, and yellow peppers match traditional autumn colors but bring a bright luster. Add green peppers for pops of lively color.

We recommend incorporating peppers into both meals and decor when circling friends and family for autumn gatherings.


Otown Flowers Top Choice: Chinese Lantern


We chose Chinese lantern as the best natural accent for autumn decor. Named after the lanterns they resemble, Chinese lantern's scientific name is physalis alkekengi. Their unique shape is unmatched by other blooms.

Designer Tip: Mix a variety of light pink and hot pink flowers with Chinese lantern to bring a modern pop of color to your arrangement. These splashes of color bring brightness to tables and rooms during the darker days when daylight starts to dwindle. Our designers love using hot pink gerbera daisies for this style!

Which natural accents did we miss? What do you prefer in your autumn arrangements? Let us know in the comments below.

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